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New Router Mounts May 19, 2009

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly.

Spent part of yesterday making prototype mounts for the new router. This is why they are made of particle board.

Here is the drawing:

Setting up to cut the parts. The backstop is trimmed with the CNC to make sure it is square to the CNC. It also cuts the notch. The wood to be cut has a pin in the end to locate it against the backstop. This makes sure the two mounts are cut the same. Later, the pin is used to accurately align the mount to the plate it bolts to.


Here is a cut-out part (several prototypes later). The 2 round marks near the base are there to line up my doweling jig to drill the bolts holes through the edge.


Here is the router in the mounts.




1. yantski - May 20, 2009

Looking great. I suspect the final material will be UHMW. The addition to the family is very exciting. It should give you a huge performance advantage.

I was thinking about a few ideas for indexing your parts and holding them for machining. I will make a sketchup diagram to see what you think when I get back from my brother’s wedding. Much easier than trying to articulate it. What are some of your obstacles currently?

2. Ruzter - May 20, 2009

Old Obstacle 1: Old router shaft wobbled so making accurate slot cutting a challenge. Solved with new router.
Old Obstacle 2: Laptop died. Easy Fix.

Current Obstacle 1: Hard to accurately drill holes in edge of material. i.e. the mounting bolt holes/ locator pin holes.

Current Obstacle 2: Drilling holes in Aluminum. Router min speed is 10, 000 rpm. Drill bits will still wander if not centre punched.

Current Obstacle 3: Reliable method for clamping material that doesn’t involve screwing it down. I also found it was hard to keep material tight to a jig and then screw it down. The material tended to pull away slightly.
I have a few ideas, but not sure if they will be reliable.

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