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Hole Drilling May 11, 2009

Posted by Ruzter in Fabrication.

Yesterday I was testing drilling holes. These are the holes that will potentially have brush bristles inserted to made a vac shoe. I discovered (again, I think) that the shaft on my el cheapo router is bent, so turning a 1/8 drill bit at 12,000 rpm (the slowest the router goes) causes the bit to flex and vibrate to make a really crude 3/16 or so hole…  These pics are of the holes I cut using a 1/8 router bit. The CNC is working well and I think I new router is all that is needed. Though I may have to lower the whole z axis as I left so much clearance I am always blocking the work pieces up off the bed.

The pictures may look like the holes do not line up perfectly, it is an illusion from the grain in the wood. I now need to double check the dimensions to see if the calibration of the steps needs any fine tuning.




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