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Pencil Holder March 14, 2009

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly, Fabrication, Techniques.

Last night I got basic functions of the new controller working. I want to do some testing without actually cutting anything so I like to test using the CNC to draw with a pencil. One of the challenges is that you want to mount a pencil so that as the lead wears down the pencil continues to touch the paper but also so the pressure on the paper isn’t too high. You also want to mount the pencil without any play so it draws a precise line.

I wanted to mount the pencil to the linear slide shown below. Before you look at how I did it, ask yourself, what is the simplest way to mount the pencil so that it is as solid as possible.

Note that it is the centre bar of the slide that moves and the holes in this bar are threaded. The centre bar sits slightly higher that the frame it rides in.


Here is what I did:

First I threaded in 2 bolts for the pencil to mount against.


Cut a short piece of copper pipe.


Now cut the pipe almost in half lengthwise and drill a hole slightly off to one side. (In reality you drill the hole first)


Now bolt the piece of pipe to the slide, clamping the pencil down and against the posts.



Now to mount the slide to the CNC. Flip the slide over and bolt on the mounting plate


Bolt the plate to the Z axis of the CNC


And finally DRAW!


I can adjust the pressure on the pencil with a rubber band.


Here is the chain I added so the z axis doesn’t have to rise too far.


And just for fun here is a video of someone sharpening a pencil with a $100,000 CNC lathe.



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