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Building the Wand February 21, 2009

Posted by Ruzter in Fabrication.

Today I built a wand for the CNC. Magic spells? you ask, no… A wand or pendant is a wired remote to manually move the CNC and initiate some set up sequences. While the CNC is running a program, the wand can be used to adjust the cutting speed while you are watching it instead of having to go back to the computer. I had quite a few ideas how to build it and several options on what materials to hack. Several TV and related remotes were on hand, also the control for my heated massaging car seat, but these in the end were rejected. Here is what I did.

Here is a small remote for a car stereo I used to own. I liked the button layout, the blue buttons for moving x and y axis, vol + and – for the z axis, plus 2 extra buttons for setting the home position and emergency stop. The catch was that the style of circuit board inside did not lend itself to soldering so a new one would have to be fabricated and some other problems would have to be overcome. But it certainly looks cool!


I traced the old board and cut a new one and then drilled all these holes for the new switches. I then cut makeshift traces with a dremel so I could wire them to a cable. Here I have soldered the ground wire and one switch.


Here is the new board with the switches soldered on.


Here is the bottom half of the case. I need to remove the dividers where the battery used to go so the board can sit lower in the case. The spacing (by fluke) was prefect to account for the thickness of the switches I added to the board.


The case bottom after I used an end-mill in my drill press to cut out the supports


Now the board fits in nicely


The cable was soldered to the board


With little trimming on the case, and opening up the hole for the cable I was able to just snap the case shut. Here is the final product.




1. Adolph - March 3, 2009

Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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