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Squaring the gantry (How square is square?) November 6, 2008

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly.

Tonight I was attempting to fine tune the squareness of the gantry, in other words adjust the gantry so the y-axis is square to the x-axis so that when I cut something out, the edges are square (90 degrees).


Pictured above, I have clamped a piece of steel angle iron and stuck to it a dial gauge via its magnetic base.

The gantry is the big square tube going left-right in the picture. By loosening the gantry mounting bolts and then adjusting the position on the drive belt on one side, I can square it up. See X-axis Belt Tensioners (new design)
It is a bit of a tedious process but I am getting the hang of it. I also have to try to keep the tension on the drive belt the same as the one on the other side. I have been comparing the tension on the 2 belts by plucking them like a guitar string and tuning (literally) one to the other.

According to my measurements it is now square within .002 of and inch over 36 inches. Of course this is not true because a carpenter’s square with another ruler clamped to it is not remotely near that accurate.

So, an unpredicted dilemma, is as square as I can measure good enough? I do believe I will just have to do some cutting and then measure the piece I cut for squareness. I must also keep in mind that no one will notice if I cut out a cribbage board and it is not square to the thousandth of and inch! that’s the thing, on a project like this you are always striving for as best you can.

Ok, now to deal with resonating vacuum hose!



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