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You Gotta Love a Machine that Makes its Own Parts! October 17, 2008

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly.

With the x-axis belt temporarily clamped on with c-clamps, and some experimentation I had the CNC make its own belt clamp.

I experimented with a few materials (mdf, plexi, uhmw) and in the end I cut it out of a piece of laminant flooring. It was the right thickness, an I was surprised how nice it machined! (and it is cheap)

One lesson I had to learn was that with the belts clamped the way they are temporarily, the belt tension is fairly low and this means that you have some play when you cut from different directions. I thought my tool path programming was off till I thought of this. The answer was to approach every cut from the top left side and problem solved. I anticipate this problem to 99% go away when the belts are properly clamped, but a good technique if you need your cuts really accurate.

I am also pleased that the set up is already almost perfectly square even though I haven’t squared it yet, or even put in all the bolts on the gantry. I am also very pleased with the speed of the machine, both transiting (moving without cutting) and the cut speeds. I am only using my dremel so far instead of the trim router because I need an adapter for the smaller bits.

Another lesson. If you are doing any coding, even just a bit, don’t use a laptop with a keyboard that the i,=,k and comma don’t work. Cutting and pasting letters will drive you crazy!

OK, lunch for me and the boys, then cut out 3 more clamps! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!



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