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X-axis Belt Tensioners (new design) October 4, 2008

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly.

Previously I posted how I was going to build the belt tensioners. That was then and now I have a completely different design. I have mostly build and installed the tensioners for the x-axis and here is what they look like:

(a little blurry, sorry)

To tension the belt the vertical locking bolts are loosened (the are in slots) , the horizontal bolts are adjusted for tension, then the locking bolts re-tightened. The 2 tensioner bolts let me control the angle so the belt is square to the pulley allowing them to track properly. There are adjustable tensioners on each end of both sides so that after one side is adjusted for tension, the other can be adjusted to tension AND alignment to the other side. This will make squaring the gantry to the x-axis rails much, much easier and precise. The belt is shown mocked up with a plastic clip. The next step it to build the belt clamps that clamp the belt to the top of the tensioner. I want to try temporarily clamping the belts so that the machine can I can cut it’s own grooved belt clamps out of uhmw. Nothing better than a machine that can make parts for itself!

I had to slide the table arouns a bit to get at the corners and I am really happy with the ridgidity of the legs!



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