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Y-axis Belt Mounts Mounted June 22, 2008

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly, Fabrication.

I made the brackets for the belt mounts on the y-axis and put it all together today. Thought I had a belt tracking problem, but it turned out one of the bearing bolts was loose. After I get this machine together I will have to re-tighten and locktite every single bolt (which in some cases means a certain amount of disassembly.

Here are the pictures:



1. Roger - July 3, 2008

Hi Ruzter

I like it.

I have built one router that has a foot print of a kitchen unit door. The drives are M16 stainless steel threaded rod.
I am now in the process of building a bigger machine and to use belt drive for the X and Y just like you have here. I did think of a continuous belt but that would be more expensive and more elastic. So a straight belt is half the sizes. I see you have been experimenting with clamping the belt. Its just a suggestion but what about. Where you have two clamping plates meshing the belt on its self. You could ,snip off a small amount of belt say 40mm long and glue it to the bottom plate and making the top plate the adjuster. Just an idea.

I have some questions.
Can you tell me the belt spec as in size type and where to buy. I have asked our local bearing shop and he came out with so much technical stuff I just had to walk out. My machine is 2000mm long and 1200mm wide. The length will have a belt and motor on either side.

I will keep a look out here as I cant wait for the finish. I saw a chap once he built a belt driven one and posted a video. Wow was it fast. I have the link some were. Ill have to dig it out.


2. LAPLYKEKALITO - August 3, 2008

Thanks for the post

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