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Catch Up April 5, 2008

Posted by Ruzter in Assembly.

I have been making a bit of progress in the past couple days, but neglected to take progress pictures. So here is what’s up. I mounted the stepper motor and connected up the 3/8 threaded rod and nut that move the z-axis but was unhappy with the results. I then bought a cheap lead screw with delron “nut” on eBay and waited 5 weeks for it to show up. Today I finished the new mounting of the motor, lead screw and nut. I simplified the design considerably. This is definitely the case where the better and cleaner it turns out the easier it looks to do. Very considerable thought, rethought, trial, error, trial, error, back to the drawing board and eureka went into what I finally ended up with. I am somewhat tickled. Here are some pics of the end product of the Z-axis (less the router mounts shown previously):

(Can you tell this pic was taken upside-down in a light box?)


Detail of the coupler between the motor and lead screw. A definite eureka moment from how I was doing it before. Ironically all the trouble I was having building this piece turned out to be a slightly bent motor shaft.

The lead screw nut is mounted under the block shown. Again it looks so simple now but I was battling and battling with a different way of mounting it until I had a eureka moment after I had given up for the night.



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